Ivy Valentine™ is a registered business of Damien Rice Pty Ltd™ (ACN 620 229 969) as The Trustee for the Damien Rice Investment Trust™ (ABN 13 188 587 183) hereafter referred to as “we,” “us” or “our”.

We endeavour to act in harmony with the Australian Privacy Principles and relevant legislation. We value and respect our visitor’s and customer’s right to privacy. We aim to conduct our business dealings with courtesy, common sense and respect.

Data Collection and Use

  1. We will not misuse our customer’s email address or other personal information (“data”).
    1. Explicitly we will not sell, rent, trade or share customer data with any other party except for the purpose of facilitating our business via third party service providers, contractors and agents who meet our privacy and security standards.
    2. We will not “spam” our customers. We will model our marketing activities on industry best practice to meet customer expectations.
    3. In the event the business known as Ivy Valentine™ is sold, customer data will be transferred to the purchaser, and may also be retained and used by Damien Rice Investment Trust™ in its fashion and retail business or for financial record keeping purposes.
  2. We will store and transact our customers’ data securely.
    1. This includes both physical and digital security using industry standard encryption of electronic transactions (using 2048 bit SSL security certificates replaced every three months), as well as firewall, software and/or password protection of our computers, servers, mobile devices and online accounts.
    2. Data including hosting our website, customer account details and transaction records will be stored on a secure private server hosted on Google Cloud™ Compute Engine™ and on reputable third-party platforms such as MailChimp™, WordPress™, WooCommerce™ etc. These entities and servers may be located outside of Australia. Data will be treated by Ivy Valentine in accordance with Australian Privacy Standards. Data may be subject to the terms and conditions of those companies.
  3. All payments are processed directly by our bank or third-payment payment provider.
    1. We do not handle or retain credit card information.
    2. Our site utilises Westpac Banking Corporation™ API (Application Programming Interface to handles payments from you to our bank account) and Pay Pal™ to ensure reliable and secure payment options.
    3. The notable exception to this policy is that if a refund is required, customers will need to provide either bank account or credit card details for us to manually process an electronic refund.
  4. We collect and retain customer information (“data”) which may be necessary to facilitate our relationship with the customer, promote our brand or products, and transact business. These include:
Data Collected and Retained Purpose for collecting and usage of Data
Name of the customer ·        To direct all communication, shipping and payment verification. It will be disclosed to our supply chain (in cases where we do not hold the stock) and courier company.
Email address ·        Transactional emails to send invoices and shipping confirmation.

·        Promotional emails such as newsletters, product updates and sales campaign material to previous customers and visitors who subscribe. Promotional emails will have option to unsubscribe or update subscription details and preferences.

·        To login to customer’s optional store account.

·        It may be used by us and our agents market research and marketing purposes.

·        Email will be used through third party database and mailing platforms such as MailChimp™, Google Suite™ and Send Grid™ for the purpose of maintaining lists, creating email and sending email.

Password ·        Required to login to the customer’s optional store account.
Phone number ·        Communicate via voice or SMS regarding any product, shipping, or payment related issues and updates.

·        From time to time we may use a mobile phone to notify subscribed customers of sales campaigns via SMS.

·        A phone number will be disclosed to our supply chain and courier company to assist with delivery if required.

Billing Address ·        This may be a post box or physical address such as a home address. It may be required to verify payment or identity. It may be disclosed to banks to verify or resolve any disputed transactions.

·        It may be used by us and our agents for market research.

Delivery Address ·        This will likely be a home or business/work place address and is necessary for delivery of products. It will be disclosed to our supply chain (in cases where we do not hold the stock) and courier company.

·        It may be used by us and our agents for market research.

Social Media and Chat Services (such as Facebook, Instagram, FB Messenger) ·        We may respond to online live chat enquiries using Facebook Messenger™ or a similar integration on our site. A log of customer usernames and transcripts may be retained.

·        We will retain and access records (either our own or on social media services and account management platforms) of users who engage with our branded accounts (such as like, share, comment, follow page, join groups etc).

·        We may use social media accounts for the purpose of digital marketing or remarketing to customers and visitors. This includes use of Facebook Pixel et al. (see cookies below).

Purchase History ·        We retain a record of past purchases for the purpose of providing relevant promotional and marketing material, sales analysis, and complying with record retention guidelines of the ATO (Australian Tax Office).
Bank and Credit Card Details ·        Will only be collected and retained until a refund is transacted or dispute resolved in harmony with our Refund and Return Policy.
Cookies & Browser Use ·        We use cookies, pixels, and other industry standard traffic and customer tracking tools to maximise customer experience including the delivery of shopping cart/bag/basket, check out and remarketing, and to analyse traffic on our site and improve user experience.

·        These include the use of third party platforms such as Facebook™, Instagram™, Twitter™, Google™, et al.

·        Retained browser data may include operating system, device (PC, Tablet, Mobile), location (country/region, town), and IP address.


  1. We will collect customer information by way of online subscription and enquiry forms, email, sales transactions, social media interactions, competitions, or by other similar means such as a reasonable person might expect from an interaction with Ivy Valentine™.
  2. We will endeavour to communicate clearly with customers regarding the collection and intended purpose of data in a way that promotes transparency and trust in our relationship and business transactions. This includes
    1. Disclosing the use of cookies on our website.
    2. Disclosing the addition of customer’s contact details in our electronic mailing lists.

Management and Access to Personal Data

  1. A customer can update or correct their contact information via their online account where such exists, and/or by contacting Ivy Valentine™.
  2. Except for transactional communication, marketing and news email’s will include an option for customers to update their contact details and preferences or unsubscribe.
  3. Upon request we will modify or remove customer data from our records unless required by Australian law or a statutory body to retain the data (such as sale receipts). Non-personally identifiable data may not be removed.
  4. To the extent of the law Ivy Valentine™ will not be liable for costs or damages arising from the loss, breach or corruption of customer data.
  5. A customer who is dissatisfied with our handling of their personal data should follow the following process:
    1. Contact Ivy Valentine™ to clarify if and how their personal data has been used. We will endeavour to respond within 48 hours to such an enquiry.
    2. Where an explanation or remedial action by Ivy Valentine™ does not satisfy the concerns of the customer they should provide an explanation of how they believe Ivy Valentine™ has failed to follow our Privacy Policy, comply with the Australian Privacy Principals/Privacy Act 1988 or meet industry best practice.
    3. The customer should provide an explanation of how they would like Ivy Valentine to address their concerns.
    4. We will endeavour to resolve all privacy enquiries and requests within two weeks.
    5. If Ivy Valentine fails or is unable to resolve these requests within a reasonable time frame the customer is invited to raise the matter with the Office of Australian Information Commissioner.
  6. If we identify a data breach, we will, subject to independent expert advice, notify customers of the nature of the breach, the steps taken to rectify the breach and improve security, and advise customers of the possible risks to their data or identity and the steps they should take to minimise their further exposure to the risk.

Contact Details

  1. Ivy Valentine™
    Phone: 02 4017 1113
    Email: privacy@ivyvalentine.com
  2. Office of Australian Information Commissioner
    Phone: 1300 363 992
    Email: enquiries@oaic.gov.au